Impact Matters When Profit Meets Purpose.

Driving social change and sustainable business through conversation, action and measurable strategy.

Impact Matters SBS Inc. is a social impact and sustainability (CSR) firm that works with businesses and other organizations across Canada to create, implement & measure social and environmental value.

We get fired up when we can help you take your big dreams of social and environmental change to new levels of community impact.

With direct experience in the non-profit, public and private sectors, we bring a unique perspective that combines creative strategic insight with hands-on execution that is realistic.   In addition to our core services, we are an exclusive recruitment partner specializing in the placement of professionals in the social and sustainability sectors within the Canadian market.

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Impact Matters SBS Inc. is the Canadian affiliate for the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence, a leading global CSR firm specializing in sustainability consulting, coaching and training. In addition we provide collective impact coaching for the J.W. McConnell Foundation and Innoweave on both local and national initiatives.