Impact Matters works to develop strong social leadership that creates attractive healthy communities in which to live, work and invest.

We work with businesses and non-profits that want to take their social investment programs from good, to great.

While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become the mainstream movement for caring companies, the true value of these commitments lies in the ability to actually make a difference – and measure it.

Social impact is everyone’s responsibility which is why Impact Matters SBS offers innovative solutions across the continuum of social change, working with non-profit organizations, government agencies and private industry partners to build sustainable programs and systems that clearly demonstrate impact and investment value.

Impact Matters SBS is the Canadian affiliate for the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence, a leading global CSR firm specializing in sustainability consulting, coaching and training. In addition we provide collective impact coaching for the J.W. McConnell Foundation and Innoweave on both local and national initiatives.