Innovating with Corporate Philanthropy

Are you giving to a cause or investing in a change?

We know you care about your community and want to do your best to make a difference. Most businesses contribute to charities because it:

  • helps to market the company’s brand,
  • promotes healthy communities which results in healthier business,
  • provides opportunity to demonstrate social reponsibility, and
  • it attracts and retains talented employees

However the landscape for corporate community contribution has changed, and it goes beyond the practice of good business.

Understanding What You Need

Most companies when interviewed in the Business Contributions to Canadian Communities Report (2007) expressed their concern for better measurement and program evaluation related to their giving. They identified and expressed interest in having access to tools and methodologies that could assist them with managing their community giving activities. Unfortunately however, as a business you too are challenged with:

  • limited staff and resources to manage funding requests,
  • a lack of robust internal community investment policies, and
  • balancing the needs and expectations of multiple stakeholders

This is where we can help.

Impact Matters works with businesses to provide comprehensive reviews, development and implementation of corporate community investment programs to ensure they are aligned with your strategic goals, internal resources and CSR plan. We can help you take your current program and design solutions that streamline internal processes, deliver measureable social change (SROI), strengthen your brand and lift employee engagement.

Let us help you make your good work easier!

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