Our Story

Impact Matters SBS Inc. began the moment I started working in social services over 20 years ago.  I still remember that first day in January working at a charity in downtown Toronto, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and totally exhilarated with finding purpose in my work.  It was at that moment that I knew I was irrevocably committed to assisting communities to be prosperous, safe, supportive and healthy.  So began a diversified career that grew in complexity but remained grounded in knowing that investing in sustainable social change is great for business.

The importance of making a social impact has become the new currency for a successful business. Social media has taken over the marketplace and consumers are demanding more ‘good’ from the brands they support.  Corporate Social Responsibility evolved from a ‘good’ thing to do, to a necessary business strategy to stay competitive, it was no longer business as usual anymore. This new world of a socially-invested market presented exciting opportunities for transformation, engagement and positive change, how could we resist jumping in to help!

On May 21, 2015,  Impact Matters was officially launched and dedicated its services to ensuring that the opportunity to strengthen social change would be financially available for everyone, regardless of organizational size. This is what makes us different.  Our company helps businesses and non-profits increase social impact through community planning & programs, social enterprise development and corporate social responsibility strategies in a simple, structured and measureable way.


As the Canadian affiliate of the globally renowned CSR firm, the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence, we are able to provide businesses with internationally accredited CSR training and comprehensive services directly in Canada.

By using social impact, our clients would be able to strengthen their business processes, improve engagement, grow revenue and tell compelling stories of social change through strong program measurement.

Impact Matters SBS Inc. was designed to provide practical help at a fair price. Like our clients, we want to make our communities a better place.

We do this by providing reliable assistance that gets deep in trenches to not only provide you with good advice, but to help you jump right over that finish line.