im-palmOur Work. It’s about shining the light on your impact.

Impact Matters works with businesses and non-profits that want to take their social investment & sustainability programs to new levels of impact. We provide strategic counsel, training and tactical execution to create opportunities that drive real social change and deliver measureable results – for everyone.

Your Opportunity to Shine

Whether you are a company or charitable organization, everyone wants to make a difference in their community and reduce environmental harm. But how do you know your contributions and work are having a real impact? Do you structure programs around outcomes? Do you communicate social impact metrics with donors? As a donor, are you investing in outcomes or causes? Do stakeholders understand the change you are making?

Changing the conversation around community investment for both businesses and charities is necessary if we are going to tackle and solve large social programs. Both partners share a common challenge in understanding how to structure community investment around outcomes and program impact measurement, making it a perfect time to learn together.

This is where we can help.

Our work

It is a win-win opportunity that self-perpetuates stronger partnerships, greater impact and increased sustainability.

To us, it only makes sense to get started!


Some of our recent clients include:

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